Interview with Amazing Rand Fishkin (SEOmoz CEO)



SEO became necessity when search engines streamlined businesses and people begin to consume search results as their online buying assistant. Google became a key player and improved drastically since results manipulation started using odd techniques. But today continuous updates are affecting smaller brands on the one end while they are also encouraging to think out of the box on the other end.

Today we have a very special guest with us, the man behind my success, he might have taught you too through his work. It wouldn’t be wrong if I say you’re not an SEO professional if you don’t know his name or SEOmoz frankly. So did you guessed whom I am talking about…? Yeah he is the Guru of SEO “Rand Fishkin” , he was a consultant before he moved to SEO.

Since 2002 till today his passion of work is unsurpassed. What else to add further… you must be well aware of his achievements and his work speaks for itself. So let’s start asking him some questions that might help you guys..

Hello Sir, Hope you are doing well.

To begin I’ll ask you a basic question, in your opinion what is SEO and how this helps in growth of an online business?

SEO is a tactic that helps businesses earn web traffic. Since search is such an intent-driven activity, that traffic is often more relevant and valuable than traffic from other sources. Depending on the type of actions you’re hoping to earn from web visitors, organic search can be an exceptionally high quality driver of those actions.

What are your expectations regarding 2013 as we already beard a number of animal named updates from Google in 2012? How is the future going to be?


I expect we’ll continue to see more updates from Google on the UI & UX of their search results, as well as their efforts to fight web spam, and reward more holistic and high quality marketing. I hope they call the next update “Zebra” I think that would fit nicely with the theme

You are an inspiration to many but who is your inspiration in the world of SEO? Or name someone you’re an admirer of?

I have a lot of people I admire tremendously, but one of my favorites is Neil deGrasse Tyson of the Hayden Planetarium. He’s done so much great marketing for the world of science, all through transparent, authentic, generous, empathetic, and exceptional contributions. You can check out his Twitter account here:

Most of the time spammers quickly gain top positions in search engine results, what will you suggests geeks doing white hate SEO how they can take lead from these doing black hate SEO?

I disagree with the premise. For the vast majority of search results, spammers don’t prosper nor do they gain rankings and visibility. I think this is why Google is so well used and well regarded, and why they continue to grow – they’re doing a good job filling most of the top results with high quality stuff.


In terms of learning from black hat activities – I think there’s almost always a white hat way to apply black hat knowledge. You just need to be creative

I have asked this question to many SEO experts how to one can leverage more leads if all the keywords are already on top? How to generate more leads?

Go outside the direct response to the broader field of building brand awareness amongst likely customers/influencers. For example, if you’re targeting terms around people buying hot tubs, expand to people who are searching for summer activities, or how to increase home values. If search is truly exhausted, social media and content marketing should loom large on your horizon.

Discuss a strategy you feel is best to gain top position in search results?

Have the absolute best, most useful, most unique content and target it toward those who are likely to help you share it with others. One of the best ways to do this is to include contributions, mentions, or assistance to those who help influence the field and then seek their help to distribute it. I covered this strategy a bit more in-depth in this Quora answer:

In last I’ll a question you might be asked several times what is your secret of success and advice your fans with some do’s and don’ts

Sticking with it! Honestly, there’s no secret. I’ve been in the field a long time, and I’ve never felt “good enough” to relax or step back. I think I’m permanently trapped in the mentality of underachievement.

In terms of dos and don’ts, the best resource I can point to is my personal blog:, where I share a lot about what’s worked for me from a broader business and startup building perspective.

Thanks Rand you honored me and my followers with your valuable time it was a real pleasure for me to have you on board

Thanks Noman!