Meet your Expert Neil Patel


Today we will talk with SEO, Social Media and Branding Expert “Neil Patel” he is a co-founder of CrazyEgg and KISSmetrics and running a well know blog Quick Sprout.

Neil, welcome to our blog and thank you for giving us your precious time. I would like to ask you some question for our new and upcoming SEO and Social Media Professionals.

1. We would like you to introduce yourself, and explain what you do to our audience including SEO and Social Media Marketing Professionals?

Neil Patel: I am just an average joe. I spend most of my time working, hanging out with friends and just having fun.

I love SEO and watching my traffic grow… but these days I spend most of my time on marketing my own companies.

2. WHY you have chosen this field?

Neil Patel: I love it and have always had a passion for it. I guess it’s what I know how to do best.

3. How do you manage your personal and professional workload?

Neil Patel: I have an assistant who helps me out a lot. Other than that, I don’t know of a great solution other than to work 70 plus hours a week and never take a day off.

4. Which one is best for you, SEO or Social Media? do you think both are same and essential to learn for inbound Marketers?

Neil Patel: You need both of them. SEO is great and so is social media. Social media can give you a quick boost in traffic, but SEO is longer term and tends to convert better. Plus search engines use social signals in their algorithm.

5. Who inspired you or who is you role model in SEO industry and which blog you follow the most?

Neil Patel: Patrick Gavin is one of the first SEOs I got to know and he inspired me.

As for blogs that I follow, I read most of the SEO blogs… seobook, seomoz, search engine land, search engine journal, etc.

6. Most of the new beginners are worried about the scope of this field .Please guide them what exactly will they achieve in this field? To whom the field is suitable for?

Neil Patel: That’s a tough question. The field is constantly changing so you have to be able to adapt, continually learn and be good at analysis. SEO is more of a science than an art and it is helpful if you are good at math as well.

7. Please share some of your past and present SEO experiences, Ups and Downs also little secrets of the trade?

Neil Patel: 7 or 8 years ago, things were really easy to game. As algorithms update it becomes harder to game them. The best way to continually achieve good rankings is to write exceptional content and create a good product/service. If you do that people will naturally link to you as well.

8. How you differentiate benefits between in-house SEO Company, SEO consultancy Firm and SEO remote work?

Neil Patel: In-house team knows the product or service better. But they tend not to be great at link building… and for that a consultant can be used. As for remote SEO work, that can work as well.

What is best for a company is probably to use an in-house SEO and an outside agency at the same time.

9. In your opinion, For a Beginner how long will it take to grab all the essential things, manage projects independently and start working as an SEO professional?

Neil Patel: You should be good to go within 12 months. Sure you may feel like you know everything in just 3 months, but there are a lot of ups and downs with SEO. And some things just take experience, which is why I feel you need at least 1 year.

10. In last, provide some expert opinion &tips to our upcoming SEO Professionals what should be their focus and how they can succeed?

Neil Patel: Don’t focus on rankings, focus on revenue. What did you SEO efforts produce for the company. That’s the key to succeeding in the space.

We hope this interview with Neil provides you some help. Share your feedback in comment area and if you have any questions feel free to ask from social Media Expert @Neilpatel.